SPC Emulator


A SNES sound chip emulator using dynamic recompilation for the GBA. Great fun :)


Version 0.3.1 (207kb)
0.3.1 is a bugfix release, check out the readme for a list of fixes.
New in 0.3, complete rewrite of DSP, all CPU opcodes addded, lots o' bugfixes.

Check out the readme.txt in the archive for how to set things up. Note that you need the .NET framework 1.1 installed to run the rom builder.

Keys for the menu system:
Up/Down - move the current selection. The name on the top is the SPC that will be played.
A - start the current selection playing
B - stop the SPC and go back to the menu system


Latest versions

GBABuilder source - C#, Compiles in VS.Net 2003.

Source v5 - Source for current version. Many fixes in CPU.

Small source v5 - Small bin (~90k), slower than normal v5 though.

Archived versions

Source v4 - Timer support, complete CPU core overhaul, Dynarec actually caches compiled instruction blocks now, DSP register read/write support, plus too many minor things to note!.

Source v3 - DSP support! Timers are still busted, so songs don't play yet.

Source v2 - Added debugger and you can now single step through the CPU using the A key. Still no timer or DSP support, so it's only useful as a debugging aid.

Source v1

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