Dreamforge was a product of about 8 months of work at the end of high school and beginning of university. It was my first "large" personal project and my first actually useful 3d engine as well. It uses half-life bsp's for the level data, and half-life mdl's for model rendering. It was meant to be a side view fighter in the vein of street fighter 2 and got some of the way there, but the project proved to be too large for me to handle properly back then. It was an excellent lesson in the true level of difficulty in what I had previously believed to be "simple" parts of the game, such as input corresponding to actions, and the states of characters who are fighting against each other.

The source is a good example of how to render half-life bsp and mdl's using DirectX 7. You can download it here.


Just for fun, here are some screenshots and descriptions I posted during the development of the game, they are mostly here for historical interest :). Click on the thumbnails to view the larger shots.

Another really nice looking level (thanks Marc) which demonstrates quite nicely the ambience that some stylish lighting can produce. Small bug with the texture as I don't support alpha- testing for textures yet, but it's coming along.
Just a basic demonstration of the lighting effects used in the levels here. This is just testing the colored lightmaps and the camera system (it was moving at the time of this shot).
Jumps are in! Did some minor touch ups on the level, notice the health bar improvements. Timer is now working, counts down from 99 to 0. Nice fx on contact, but it looks much better animated.
You can see the new background level looking quite spiffy. Also, the beginnings of the interface are up there. Still working on getting jumping in there (I really really suck at animating jumps).
This shot demonstrates the input system and the animation system, although you can't see it. Next up on my list is damage calculation and jumping/tripping.
Here we have the beginning state of a match as it stands currently. On the left, we have the wonderful Rigell model, from OmegaLE. And on the right, we have .. the same guy. This shot demonstrates the pervasive lack of background art that I really really need! </rant>

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